Terminator 3 nuclear ending relationship

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terminator 3 nuclear ending relationship

Skynet launched nuclear missiles at Russia, inciting a counterattack against America. The resulting nuclear war saw three billion human lives end. The survivors. John Connor is a fictional character and the primary protagonist of the Terminator franchise. . The alternate ending for Terminator 2: Judgment Day depicts Sarah Connor alive and well on August 29, In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, which takes place in , John Connor, portrayed by Nick Stahl, is now a. Moon Bloodgood in Terminator Salvation () Eric Mabius at an event for from a most advanced robotic assassin and to ensure they both survive a nuclear attack. .. The Resistance planned to end the war using a signal to disrupt the.

The Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger is attempting to kill Sarah Connor Linda Hamilton because she will be his mother, but does not make a physical appearance.

'Terminator Genisys': The franchise timeline, explained

However, at the end of the film, Sarah is shown to be pregnant with John. Judgment Day[ edit ] John makes his first true appearance in Terminator 2: Judgment Day which takes place inplayed by Edward Furlong.

terminator 3 nuclear ending relationship

He was a year-old juvenile delinquent living with foster parents Jenette Goldstein and Xander Berkeley while his mother Hamilton was at a hospital for the mentally insane. Though he is informed of his destiny of his future conflict with Skynet, young John is skeptical of his mother's claims of his fate as humanity's leader.

terminator 3 nuclear ending relationship

One day, while in an arcade with a friend, the T Robert Patrick and the T Schwarzenegger - a reprogrammed android sent by John's future self, fight over him. This starts a chase sequence where the T and John try to lose the T; this event validates John's mother's warning to him about Skynet.

Later that night, his mother breaks out and he and the T go to save her, and the three escape.

terminator 3 nuclear ending relationship

John teaches The Terminator how to be like a human; teaching him sayings like " hasta la vista, baby! John Connor is briefly seen at the beginning of the film in a flash-forward as an adult, played by Michael Edwards. Dalton Abbot Linda Hamilton's sonalso played John as a toddler in a dream sequence. Alternate ending[ edit ] The alternate ending for Terminator 2: Judgment Day depicts Sarah Connor alive and well on August 29, John Connor has become a U.

While Sarah states that Judgment Day has been averted, John accepts that he still has a destiny to make a difference, which is what motivates him to enter politic, works with likeminded public servants who share his ideals.

In contrast to his alternate self from the beginning of the film, John, despite still struggling to improve people's lives in the new timeline, leads a happier life due to not carrying the responsibility and burden of the weight of the world.

Rise of the Machines[ edit ] In Terminator 3: Rise of the Machineswhich takes place inJohn Connor, portrayed by Nick Stahlis now a young adult.

John has been living off-the-grid after the events of the second film, even as the original Judgment Day deadline on August 29, came to pass without incident. His mother eventually developed terminal leukemia and died. In the film, John crosses paths with Katherine "Kate" Brewster Claire Danesa former classmate from when he was living with his foster parents.

Unlike its predecessors, the T-X's objective was to terminate his future officers as secondary targets because John's location was unknown. When it encounters John it changes its priority to focus entirely on him and Kate. The T also states that it was not sent from the future by John, but by Kate inwho is his future wife and second-in-command - John had actually been killed by that very Terminator on July 4,as Skynet believed it to be the most suitable for such a mission due to John's emotional attachment to its model.

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Although John and Kate spend much of the film trying to halt the launching of Skynetthey are misled to believe Skynet's core is in an underground facility, only to find themselves locked and protected in a secure bunker as the first nuclear assault is launched on the United States as a result of Skynet's manipulations; Lieutenant General Robert Brewster, who was Skynet's creator and Kate's father, mislead them to the bunker in order to assure Kate's protection, and Skynet is pure software and has already spread to every server worldwide therefore impossible to shutdown.

It is via the radios in this bunker that John begins to broadcast messages to lay the groundwork to help survivors and organize the Resistance. Terminator Salvation[ edit ] In Terminator Salvationwhich is set fourteen years later in the yearJohn Connor, portrayed by Christian Baleis now an older, battle-experienced, Resistance soldier married to Kate Brewster Bryce Dallas Howardwho serves as a medic and is now pregnant with his child.

Kate also assists command with her husband's Tech-Com unit. Since Judgment Day, John has been broadcasting radio messages to both the Resistance forces and surviving refugees in an effort to maintain morale and hope. Dawn of Fate Note: In the game " The Terminator: Dawn of Fate ", the event takes place in the year instead of Alternate timeline A young John Connor.

His father, Kyle Reesehad been killed nine months prior in Mayprotecting Connor from a time-traveling Terminator The Terminator. John's early life was filled with training by various persons his mother Sarah had met as the two lived off the grid after the attempt on her life by the Terminator.

Much of his training concentrated on the areas of weaponry, computer technology, and espionage. John, his mother, and the T escaping from the T When Sarah Connor was shot and captured after trying to blow up a computer factory in the early s, John was placed into foster care and told that his mother's stories of the future were merely delusions.

He was unable to cope with life in suburbia and rebelled, edging towards delinquency, turning into a young gangster and receiving a police record which included trespassing, shoplifting, disturbing the peace, and vandalism by the time he was 10 years old.

His foster parents, Todd and Janelle Voightfound themselves unable to deal with him, and were not surprised when a police officer showed up at their door asking to speak with John. A sad John during a farewell to the T John's life was changed in a matter of seconds, when a T came back from the yearprogrammed to assassinate him. A T whom John later nicknamed "Uncle Bob" had also come back in time, this one programmed to protect him. John, now believing his mother's stories, used the protecting T to release his mother from the maximum security prison Pescadero State Hospital.

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The three then proceeded to seek out Miles Dysonthe would-be creator of the neural-net processorin an attempt to stop Judgment Day from occurring. During their time together John bonds with the T, who becomes a friend and father figure to him. Once the T is destroyed along with all of Cyberdyne's research, the T asks that it be destroyed also so that its technology would not be discovered and used by others. Judgment Day Deviating timelines Alternate future John Connor and his daughter in an alternate future.

terminator 3 nuclear ending relationship

In the yearJohn Connor is a U. Senator and has a child. John must send Kyle back in time so that he can exist to defeat Skynet and send Kyle back to protect his mother in the first place.

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But this opens up the potential that John may have had another father, as otherwise he may not have existed in the original timeline i. This leads many fans to one of four possible options that: The man that Sarah was dating in the first film, Stan Morski is the true biological father of John Connor. However, there is no evidence that Sarah and Stan were actually involved, only that they had a date which he canceled. Kyle Reese was sent back in a different timeline to alter the future outcome against Skynet and John Connor was born then creating the timeline in which John led humanity to victory against Skynet and sent Kyle back to protect his mother and ensure his survival.

terminator 3 nuclear ending relationship

Without presuming temporal intervention as some part of the unaltered original timeline that somehow gave rise to the first "John Connor, Leader of the Resistance " before anyone went back in time. Given that Sarah was basically just out there dating, any of a dozen one-night stands or blind dates could certainly have led to a pregnancy. And the "flake" nature of the guys she was dating or blind-dating like Morsky can easily lead to Sarah being a single mother.

So could whatever hook-up she may have made with any unnamed stranger in Club Noir as a rebound for Morsky breaking their date. Since without TDE intervention, no one was coming to the club to kill her that night.