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The Tolko paper mill will cease operations soon. Can a In , I wrote a Master's thesis focusing on the relationship between reduced forest. through their relationships with others. You can In the grasslands of BC's interior, high above the present- day city of .. Tolko operated Inlet Cedar for nearly 10 years before closing the mill . operation became High Level Lumber Division. Figure Yield Curves – AB Crown Closure. TOLKO Industries - High Level , Management and Staff .. Strengthening Relationships – The Government of Alberta's Aboriginal Policy Framework, September , Page.

Cognizant of the possibility of a future with reduced tax revenues, prior planning could include the establishment of an emergency fund to cover major infrastructure renewal costs—such as the upgrading of a water treatment plant or road repair—or at least making a start on this work rather than waiting until it becomes an intractable issue.

Can these approaches be successful? Photo by Crista Gladstone During the course of my research, several temporary sawmill closures in The Pas have been announced. The paper mill appeared to be financially viable until August when the company announced that in December, the plant would be closing permanently, resulting in the loss of direct and subcontracting positions. Faced with this impending closure, the community and trade unions mobilized yet again with a preventative strategy of tax incentives and wage reductions to encourage Tolko Industries to remain in the community.

Unfortunately, these measures were not enough. In an effort to encourage a new buyer, the unions are in the process of voting on whether to ratify an agreement to accept further wage reductions and a restructured pension plan. Even if the options currently under consideration are successful, I would still recommend the development of a community action plan with clearly defined objectives for growth, development, diversification and retention of the local population.

Photo by Crista Gladstone The Pas is a community with considerable potential. Expansion in these areas could create local employment and encourage relocation. Having a solid strategy to prepare for a possible declining population and the resulting decreased tax base is essential for communities where a single business supports a significant proportion of the workforce. With significant job losses, people would have limited options for alternative employment, which may lead to many families relocating.

If this were to happen, the significance for communities, such as The Pas, could be disastrous including effects to local real estate, infrastructure projects, business viability, as well as a range of social problems. Is there another solution?

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Government subsidies; tax incentives; shorter working hours; reduced wages: Approaches that have all been tried in the past. Yet still, the town of The Pas finds itself in a desperate situation where its largest employer is facing permanent closure. To date, Tolko Industries has declined to accept a three-year tax stimulus stating it was insufficient for the mill to avoid closure. Nevertheless, the same incentives are still on the table for the new potential buyer. This raises a fundamental question: If Tolko Industries—a leading player in the Canadian forestry industry—is unable to take advantage of these incentives, then who else can?

The Minister shall consult with the Companies on an ongoing basis as may be required to minimize any conflict between the operations authorized under the permits and licences issued pursuant to subparagraph 2 and the respective operations of the Companies.

On the forest management area, the Companies shall, in accordance with the approved forest management plan follow sound forestry practices in managing the land base for the purpose of achieving and maintaining a perpetual sustained yield of timber from the productive forest land, while not reducing the productivity of the land.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, if there is any dispute as between the Companies concerning finalization of the detailed forest management plans required to be submitted in accordance with this paragraph 10, the Minister may, in his sole discretion, direct that the Companies proceed to binding arbitration to resolve such dispute, which arbitration, if so directed by the Minister, shall occur in accordance with the provisions set forth in paragraph Subject to paragraphs 10 3 and 10 9 the Companies may not commence or carry on any construction project or any operation on the forest management area until the relevant plans which are required to be submitted pursuant to this Agreement have been submitted by the Companies and approved in writing by the Minister.

The Companies may not digress from the approved plans without the Minister's consent in writing, with the understanding that the Minister shall provide a full explanation whenever consent is withheld. When, in the opinion of the Minister, any plan approved by him becomes obsolete or inadequate, he may, by reasonable notice in writing, require the Companies to submit a revised plan for his approval within a specified time, or within any extended time he may subsequently allow.

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These ground rules may be altered by mutual agreement of the Minister and the Companies. Such operating projection shall be in accordance with the standards and shall cover the period of time specified in the ground rules referred to in paragraph The Companies shall have thirty 30 days from the date on which such notice is given to them by the Minister within which to amend the plan, or to justify the exclusion of such timber from the plan, but if they fail or elect not to do either within such period, they shall not be deemed to be in default and the Minister may dispose of such timber to any person by license or permit not exceeding one year in duration without compensating the Companies and the volume of timber so disposed will be charged by the Minister as production against the annual volume of either deciduous production or coniferous production, as the case may be, in the forest management area.

The Companies shall not hinder or obstruct the lawful timber operations of licensees, permittees or respective operations of each other. No claim shall be made by either of the Companies against any licensee, permittee or the Minister for reasonably unavoidable incidental damage to timber. As part of its operations under this Agreement the Companies shall, at their own expense, furnish all of the seedling trees and propagules required for their respective reforestation needs.

Seed, seedling trees and propagules used for reforestation programs under this Agreement shall be produced in accordance with the rules established by the Minister governing the source and type of tree seed and species used to reforest public land.

Sawmill and paper mill closures: How can a community prepare?

Each Company shall be solely responsible for reforesting to the required reforestation standard all productive and potentially productive lands burned by fire within the forest management area, when the fire has been caused by the Company, its employees, agents or contractors. For the purposes of the foregoing, it is agreed by all of the parties to this Agreement that neither Tolko nor Footner is the agent of the other.

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The Companies and the Minister may enter into an agreement which will define the programs and conditions that, in the Minister's opinion, will establish a sustainable increase in the allowable cut approved by the Minister in the management plan submitted under paragraph Until such time as a Fire Control Agreement has been entered into, each Company agrees to have on hand in good working order such fire fighting equipment and shall train such employees in fire suppression as specified by the Minister.

If the cause of any fire is disputed by either Company, the dispute shall be resolved by means of civil suit in the Courts of Alberta.

Sawmill and paper mill closures: How can a community prepare? • Forest Monitor

Within thirty 30 days of submission of the forest protection plan, the Minister shall indicate those proposed expenditures that are eligible to reduce the holding and forest protection charges otherwise payable by the Companies. The audited financial report shall be prepared by an independent, qualified auditor and shall be prepared in accordance with the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants handbook.

The average weekly OSB Price in a payment period is calculated by: The Minister shall have the right to have the Companies perform all of their respective covenants, terms, conditions, stipulations, provisions and agreements and obligations as contained in this Agreement or to sue the defaulting Company for damages for any breach or breaches thereof and the Minister shall also have the right to cancel this Agreement as it pertains to the defaulting Company as set forth in paragraph 38 provided the remedies available to the Minister for default by a Company under paragraph 34 shall be limited to those set out in paragraph When any default or delay by a Company in the performance or observance of any of the terms, conditions, provisions, agreements, covenants and stipulations of this Agreement is occasioned in whole or in part through: