Top 10 ways to end a relationship

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top 10 ways to end a relationship

An expert explains the 10 ways you can tell if it's time to break up with tend to start picking fights when they feel a relationship is at its end. Don't worry, I know all of the ins and outs of nice ways to end a relationship so that hopefully you two can stay friends! So ladies, take a look below at the top 10 . Before making a decision to end a relationship, you should always weigh the reasons for walking out. If you really want to end the relationship, then you should make a list of all the .. Sample Ways to Get Over a Breakup . Jul 10,

Both parties need to look at their parts in the deterioration of the connection and the many personal patterns or flaws that contributed to the dying of attraction and affection.

This is the psychological work of warriors, quite frankly, and many folks just do not have the inner muscles or resolve, or outside resources to flex that deeply. However, if we could all agree that it is in the best interest of ourselves, and our communities, to get into some serious intimacy shape, we could begin to deal with the reality and the sorrow of relationships that are fizzling out, and do so with dignity, maturity, and kindness. We could support one another to take regular inventory of the health of our love relationships and not go into cruise control or denial about intimacy erosion.

Once we start hearing the whisper of the death rattle through long periods of emotional disconnection, avoidance of sex, constant bickering or fighting, increasing times apart, and a vapid joylessness, we can roll up our sleeves and wrestle these emotional demons. If all efforts fail to revive the romance and quality of connection, then everyone can feel more empowered to move forward. Below, 20 ways to leave your lover with love and respect.

Take full responsibility for your part in the ending, as in: Speak highly of your soon-to-be ex, because what you say about them actually reflects a great deal about you. Spend a good deal of time reflecting on how you got into the intimacy bog and what you could have done differently. Give your soon-to-be ex a lot of space to be upset and remove yourself immediately from any conversations that are hateful or abusive. Pay off all debts and split things up fairly. Seek professional help to mediate finality if you are too frightened and find yourself backing off from your firm decision.

Refrain from clingy sex and keep appropriate new boundaries to avoid confusion and undue stalling. Be kind to all of your mutual friends, as well as the friends of your partner. There are no sides.

A Better Way to Break-Up: 20 Ways to Leave Your Lover

There is just loss. Use this time to take great care of yourself by getting in shape, not just physically but mentally. This is a very stressful time, no matter how adrenalized you may feel in leaving. Keep your words in the affirmative about the situation and avoid all attempts to make you right and your partner wrong.

top 10 ways to end a relationship

Again, it is all just loss. There are no winners. Be faithful to your soon-to-be ex and do not involve anyone else romantically in your complicated emotional maelstrom until you are truly separated. Give your soon-to-be ex lots of physical space and let them attend to things without having to see your face. Take up a new class or hobby to help you fill the new free time that is often fraught with compulsive over-thinking. Take a short road trip alone or with friends to get some perspective after the big announcement.

Refrain from any social media postings about your status. Never make a decision when you feel angry. Take the time to consider the consequences of all your possible actions — especially if you have children together. Whatever you choose to do, you must be confident in your decision. Of course, once you know that you have to break things off, do it.

Anticipate His Reaction There are four main reactions that you can expect when you break up with someone: Silence sometimes followed by your partner leaving Sadness and crying An outburst of anger or rage sometimes dangerous Questions about your decision Think about which of these reactions you can expect from your partner and how you will deal with them.

10 Nice Ways to End a Relationship Love

It is a good idea to prepare yourself for any and all scenarios when ending a relationship. Find some place where the two of you will have the privacy to freely express yourselves and show your emotions. Restaurants and other public places are generally a bad idea. The last thing you want is your partner weeping, yelling or calling you names in front of a live audience. On the other hand, if you are afraid that your partner may react violently, definitely end your relationship in a public setting where you can call for help if necessary.

A few other faux pas to avoid: Never break up with someone at work. If you are going to end a relationship with someone, have the courage and the decency to do it face to face. Choose Your Words Carefully Start by letting your partner know how much you value the good parts of your relationship.

Maybe he is a great listener. Maybe he has a killer sense of humor. Some people feel that a relationship is a gauge of their own self-worth.

If someone breaks up with them, it is because there is something wrong with them. You can help ease the blow by telling your partner that you simply do not or no longer feel a connection.

This way, you are offering a strong reason for ending the relationship without finding fault with or placing blame on your former partner. Most importantly, be clear. The last thing that you want to do is give him false hope that your relationship can work. At this point, it will sound trite and meaningless.

If the two of you are able to be friends in the future, only time will tell. Prepare for Backlash Your partner may be so devastated by your break-up that his only recourse is to hurt you in return.

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If your partner starts throwing out verbal and emotional slings and arrows, resist the temptation to fire back. Understand that he is only trying to hurt you because he feels hurt.

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Be the bigger person and hold your tongue. If you are addressing the situation honestly, without placing blame or judgment on your partner, there is no reason to feel guilty. You are attempting to end the relationship as painlessly as possible. But the truth is, his feelings will probably be hurt.

top 10 ways to end a relationship

Just know you are not obligated to take responsibility for his feelings. All you can do is be honest with him and with yourself. In the end, you have to do the right thing.

Make a Clean Break A few days, weeks or even months after your break up, you may start to reminisce about your ex-partner. You may start thinking about all the good times you had, or wonder what he is up to.

top 10 ways to end a relationship

These are normal and natural feelings, but it is important not to act on them. There is a reason why you ended the relationship in the first place, and starting things up again will only reopen old wounds.