Why did aia de leon leave imago relationship

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History Imago was formed in With Aia de Leon on vocals and rhythm guitar, Tim Cacho In April , lead vocalist Aia de Leon left the band. . [3] With his wife, he founded the nonprofit organization Imago Relationships International. Imago was formed in With Aia de Leon on vocals and rhythm guitar, Tim Cacho on In April , lead vocalist Aia de Leon left the band. .. were married and these relationship changes were reflected in the groups music, with later. Aia de Leon started her musical journey back in , as vocalist of the with Imago have garnering her a well deserved fan-base that would make A few years back she left the band to venture on a solo path, maybe most . Overall a fantastic night of music with a sense of intimacy and connection not.

Arvin played with progressive metal band Eternal Now and is currently pursuing a business career. Michelle followed her other passion, race car driving and became a regular competitor in the Philippine motorsports scene.

Michelle was briefly married to Wolfgang drummer, Wolf Gemora and has now returned to her London roots and is now married to Irish-born Kevin Byrne with whom she has two young boys. Michelle's signature Celtic-influenced violin strokes were missed by many early fans as Imago's sound morphed into mainstream pop shortly after Myrene Academia, former NU DJ and Sandwich bassist joined the band.

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Recorded inthe CD's release was delayed by unexpected record label setbacks and was thus aptly titled Take 2 which was clearly a reflection of the band's second attempt in releasing an album. The material is relatively heavier compared to the first album, trading in the ethereal cum New Age sensebilities with a modern pop rock flavor, even incorporating rap along with the staccato-type of singing they had been known for. Released independently, Take 2 featured hit songs such as Akap and Anino [2].

From there, you get to choose what you really want," she says. How much I can give one night? It was really a challenge for me and I had tendencies of overworking myself. Her fifth album is due for release next year.

While the love songs tend to grab focus, a closer listen to her debut album suggests that those themes were always in Nadal's songwriting. On "Fire," for example, she doesn't shy away from discussing abortion — "the stench of truth: For me, it's a good outlet also, it's therapy," she says. She lives out this belief in the youth ministry she's been working with for more than seven years. In fact, they recently [went viral] and had 14 million hits [on social media]!

The legacy of her self-titled debut is enduring enough that in10 years after its release, the popular Sunday noontime show ASAP saw fit to pay tribute to it, with stars like Piolo Pascual, Aiza Seguerra, and Yeng Constantino doing covers of its hits. Siguro, if I'm a celebrity inviting a lot of people, I would have to care about [buying an expensive dress].

My wedding only had 13 guests. I did [a lot of] NGO work also. She's traveled and gotten married, lived life, and found her place in the world. Still, talk of "Kitchie Nadal" in the public consciousness will always persist around the question: Inat 36, Nadal says she's more content than ever.

That was my season. I played all over the Philippines, doing those kind of songs — emotional songs. Some people ask me, 'Come on, you know, you had your hit songs before. I think that it is how we should live our lives. You have to be fulfilled as you grow older. And as you mature, you realize that the happier you are [divorced from other people's ideas of success], the more confident you are.

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On the strength of hits like "Fire Woman" and "Torpe," Almalbis and the band were able to garner airplay on MTV Asia — a major achievement at the time for a Filipino act — while Almalbis herself was still trying to balance life as a college student by day, and rock star at night.

We formed Hungry Young Poets and then ganun lang, tuloy-tuloy. Hindi siya … Diba may mga tao na nagpa-plan ng future nila? And inas her profile as a singer-songwriter in her own right continued to grow, Almalbis branched out on a solo career. Today, she's a mother of two and is married to Martin Honasan, a painter. How does she reconcile Barbie Almalbis-Honasan the year-old mother of two, who attends PTA meetings and graces Working Mom covers, with Barbie Almalbis the rock star, an occupation where "cool" and "hip" might as well be job descriptions?

Barbie Almalbis has been famous since she was 18, and her audience has seen her successfully transition from the Joni Mitchell fever dreams of her mids band Hungry Young Poets to the radiant Christian rock-leanings of Barbie's Cradle, to the confident strides of her solo work, to her creative, productive life as a young mom.

why did aia de leon leave imago relationship

I could see things clearly, and understand them, or laugh at them. I can laugh at myself now. And so I wrote, because I liked it. I was asking God for a day job, for the longest time.

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I was ready to be a missionary. What I was actually praying for at the time was funds for [studies]. I wanted to get into Oxford to study Apologetics, to be trained as an evangelist, believe it or not.

I was ready to leave [voice shakes] and so He…gave me a song. It was not healthy. At least I know you had a great time kahit konti lang tayo. I did not do anything to acquire it, to merit it. And that was it; it was such a beautiful thing and it had so much life. Tapos dadagdagan niya ng boses, tapos mag-gigitara siya, magdu-duet kayo. But…it just suffocated me. I was surprised people were still able to find me.

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Why do I do this? Why do I now engage? I just wanted to leave it there. I was looking for kindness, not attention. Wala na akong pake, eh! Ang sarap kayang mag-selfie! Eh, bakit, may camera ako, eh; ang ganda kaya ng camera ko. And then, because of this song [I had], I had to open up a Facebook account, because I needed it for Soundcloud. Then, of course, I posted about it, that I had an account.

I opened it in March 2.

why did aia de leon leave imago relationship

I enjoy being a light presence. Na hindi kita papansinin? Na hindi kita maharap kasi basag ako?