Wordpress header image nature peaceful relationship

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wordpress header image nature peaceful relationship

Today we collected some outstanding hero and header images packs for your current and future projects. Large hero images have become quite popular lately. Avada is the #1 selling WordPress theme on the market. exact nature of the industry; Cafe, Gym, Agency, Travel, Photography just . full theme options panel to set options per language; Close relationship with WPML team. He has been a huge fan of WordPress since he first laid eyes on it, and has been .. For instance, if I tag a relationship post with 'breaking up' and my tags, I will put it into use on my sites photo album I am working on. PEACE! The nature of my site means this may be useful because my tags are.

What About Duplicate Content Penalties? They confirmed this way back in If a page is of potential use to a searcher, it should be included within the index. But in a nutshell, if categories are the table of contents for your blog, tags represent the index. And as you will know if you have ever read a book with an index, it can really come in handy. You must strike a good balance between offering as few options as possible, whilst giving the reader a choice that they will be satisfied with.

Furthermore, you must always remember that each and every page on your site should have a useful purpose.

An easier way to think about it is this — all categories and tags should represent a keyword that a reader would potentially search for. Both are useful and functional taxonomies.

19 Header and Hero Images Packs for Your Projects

A post should typically be in no more than one or two categories, and tagging should be limited only to the most relevant topics covered in the post. Not only do I consider this okay to do, I actively encourage it. Remember — you are creating categories and tags that are of use to the reader, so why not link to them? Half way through the post I encounter this text: Some say that marathon training is more difficult than the marathon itself.

wordpress header image nature peaceful relationship

Both links above are great examples of how you can interlink to both category and tag pages in a way that benefits the reader. Generally speaking, the more you interlink on your blog, the more engaged your readers will be, so take every opportunity to keep them on your site.

Because you are focusing on producing a limited number of highly relevant and useful categories and tags, each page has a chance of establishing itself for keyword terms. You need to get your hands on the free SEO by Yoast plugin. Whilst there are an awful lot of beneficial things you can do with this plugin, in this article we are going to focus solely on optimizing your taxonomy and archive pages.

Enrainment - gorgeous sky header and tabbed top navigation. Refreshed - rounded corners and header navigation. Sunset - this one is about as simple as you can get, very elegant, with no navigation bar. Notepad - meant for long essays or other long bits of text.

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Go Faster Red - header navigation and a red and white color scheme. Season's Greetings - design with a Christmas-theme. Finding Peace - this is absolutely one of my favorite templates with a serene bamboo theme. Silence and Harmony - pastoral header image it's a farm in Vermont and nature-inspired look.

wordpress header image nature peaceful relationship

The Piano - antique-looking design, piano header image and old paper background. A Symphony of Horror - a Nosferatu header and a noir design.

The Right Way to Use Categories and Tags in WordPress to Boost SEO

Bright Pixel - corporate-looking template with an elegant gray design and geometric header. Groovy Blue - header navigation and rounded corners.

The Hobbit - inspired by J. Tolkien's classic, with a Hobbit house header and top navigation. Neonix - simple with header navigation and a lime-green color scheme. Rizzlelicious - this one has top navigation and two content sections: Organic Design - nature-inspired design with a butterfly illustration in the header and top navigation.